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USA, January 2016
Sharon Keld

I am happy with everything.Thank you so much. The driver was great, as was each guide. I will recommend you and will get in touch for future trips!

South Africa, May 2015
Anjue Hirachund & Family

You have made our trip to India the most memorable one so far.  Both my husband and I cannot thank you and your team enough.  You must know that I have recommended your agency to all my family and friends.

A Special thanks to Mr. Alex at Mannaas Veedu and our driver, Mr. Anil.

Danish Architect Association

"We appreciate the services very much that we got excellent efficient guides at all places and good hotels for stay."


Helle Juhl

I appreciate the personal care through the whole tour. Wonderful country with perfect handling of our tour. Thank you Uni Crystal Holidays !

New Zealand, October 2015
Fergus Clark & Joanna Clark

Hi P D,

Jane and I would like to sincerely thank you for the arrangements that you and your team made for us to travel though India this month.

Poland, October 2015
Marcin J Lewandowaski

All represntatiives/ Guides were highly professionals & gave us free time for self exploration at each place.

Mr. Nicolas Radius

"The services were spic & span starting from our representative who briefed us professionally to the driver who was enthusiast to give focused answers to our questions."

Mr. Richard Martin and Group

"Good communication skills and talented work by entire team. Loved the insight to Mahatama Gandhi's life at his residence."


Mr. Waldamer & Ms. Barbara Tymon

"Thank you very much, we were pleased with all our travel. Will be coming every year to enjoy the experience and friendliness offered"


Ms. Maria Michielsen

"Fort Chanwa at Luni was our highlight. The travel connections specially were seemless and very well done"


Ms. Lilli Hasselman

"We were correctly informed by our friends back in Finland about experience offered by UCH. Very polite, safe and warm experience."


Ms. Genevieve free

"Excellent services and luxury stay as per my expectation.Thanks for making my Taj mahal visit memorable"


Ms. Agnete Johansen

"We have been very pleased with our colors of Rajasthan tour. Good atmosphere and professionally conducted tour for us"


Mr. Mark Shottes & Mrs. Megan Walker

"Beautiful stay at Boutique hotels for us. Excellent handling and management of entire tour